Integrated Solutions
for Property Developers and Property Managers

Vertical Industry Platforms

Cost and Contract Management

IFCA Software's Cost and Contract Management system includes project cost accounting, work scheduling, and quality management.Effective cost management requires timely measurement of budgets against actual cost. IFCA Software allows users to allow each project from its embryonic stages right through to full maturity, building up a detailed view of costs, revenues and commitments for each project. It allows for the monitoring of project budgets, selecting and awarding of contracts, managing contractors, performance, monitoring construction schedule, controlling the project cashflow and quality. With this solution, the whole project management process can be planned, monitored, measured and accounted for effectively.

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Property Sales

IFCA Software has complete built-in functionalities for property developers to design products and pricing, manages prospects and sales, monitors billing and collection and follows-up on loans and documentation. It has comprehensive CRM functionalities and versatile customer loyalty programs.

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Residential Management

The phenomenal growth of high-rise building development in recent years has posed new challenges in the field of management of subdivided building such as condominiums and residential apartments. At its core, Residential Management offers all the full featured functionalities you require to manage your properties. This includes managing owners and residents, generating bills, issuing receipts, resident cards and car park stickers and much more.

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Mall Management

Today, tenants are demanding fast and prompt services. There is a need to effectively and efficiently manage property in order to attract and retain tenants.IFCA Mall Management software solution covers marketing, contract management, leaseback management, car park management, meter utilities, customer services management, billing and collections, and building maintenance.

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Hospitality Management

IFCA Software's Hospitality Management System covers hotel room management, club membership management, golfing management, sports facility management, F&B, points-of-sales and financial accounting.This is an integrated solution designed specifically for hospitality management. IFCA Software's Resort Portal is a web extension that provides resort information dissemination and customer services.

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Shared Services Platforms

Financial Accounting Solution

This module supports unlimited group and/or company structures. Each structure consists of one parent and an unlimited number of subsidiaries and associate companies. It expedites the collection, consolidation and reporting of group financial results; reduces the time an organization spends on these activities and enhances financial analysis and planning capabilities.Incorporate a separate chart of accounts at the consolidation level and its mapping feature provides the Group subsidiary companies with the flexibility of maintaining their own unique chart of accounts and reporting formats, while complying with the head office�s financial consolidation requirements.Other features include the creation of multiple consolidation groups, user-definable consolidation reporting formats, like VAS reports, consolidation of foreign subsidiaries, equity accounting for associate companies and automated validation of subsidiary data before consolidation.

Advance Analytical Reporting

Advance Analytical Reporting is designed to analyse larger volumes of structured and unstructured data in a reduced timeframe. This program uses predictive analytics to show hidden patterns and their relationships. It helps to visualise and explore data, thus encouraging better decision making. AAR will provide complete end-to-end visibility and insights for management through the use of simple graphs and tables. Through this program, operators have the ability to generate automated reports at anytime, plan KPIs for continuous improvement and make strategic decisions on-the-go.

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